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This blog post is going to be a little different than my usual quality ramblings.  Today I am going to tell a story about my quality expectations and experience as a customer!  About a month ago my wife and I were talking about how we wanted to be able to listen to music in the bathroom & bedroom while we showered or got dressed.  Unfortunately the tiny, underpowered speakers on our laptops and iPhones just weren’t capable of reproducing Justin Bieber’s full musical range.  So began my search for a new home stereo…

Before I started my search, I put together a list of all the things I wanted and needed from a music system.  These were the “must have” features:

  • High-quality, distortion-free sound.
  • Loud enough to be heard while the shower was running.
  • Ability to play digital music.
  • Minimal wiring.
  • Small footprint or option to mount on wall/ceiling.
  • Simple operation.

I also had a couple “would be really cool if it could” features:

  • Play in multiple rooms.
  • Connect to internet to play streaming music.

Like any good consumer my research began on Google.  I also read product reviews on websites like Amazon, CNET, and ConsumerSearch.  One product kept popping up on the top of every list, the Sonos Wireless Hi-FI System.  Everyone online raved about the system, and, on paper, it met all of my requirements.

After mulling over the decision for a night, I decided to pull the trigger and buy one of their Play:5 all-in-one wireless speakers.  From the moment I unboxed the speaker to Skrillex’ first bass drop I’ve been in love!   All of my expectations were met and most were exceeded.  The speaker itself is beautiful in its clean, minimalist design.  Plugging the power cable into the wall was the most complex step in the setup, and I was listening to music in a matter of minutes.  One of the most amazing features the system has is its ability to connect to the internet and stream off almost any music service including Pandora, Spotify, Sirius, and Rhapsody.  I literally have all of the music in the world at my fingertips, which, coincidentally, is all it takes to control the system.  Sonos has developed controller software which can run off your PC, mac, or smartphone.  As long as I have my phone or computer I can play songs, make playlists, and change the volume.

I know this probably sounds like a big commercial for Sonos, but as a quality professional, I appreciate their focus on delivering flawless products that exceed their customers’ expectations.  How often are you truly impressed on every level from something you bought?  We should all strive to make products and services that our customer’s value.  You never know, one of them just might blog about it…

My new favorite thing!

P.S. – About a week later I bought a 2nd Play:5 for the office and now I’m considering one more for the living room!

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  1. Bekki said:

    Well done Ian and makes me want one too!

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